We give diagnoses, assessments and management advice to patients with anaphylaxis. This is especially aimed at those patients where the cause of the anaphylaxis is unclear; where avoidance is difficult; where multiple foods are involved; where the patient also suffers from asthma; or where the anaphylaxis is exercise induced.Through our advice on avoidance and management, we aim to reduce the recurrence of anaphylactic events, to prevent repeat emergency attendances, and to substantially improve the patient’s quality of life.

Food allergies and intolerances
We offer diagnoses and management advice to patients with various symptoms related to food including multiple food allergies. These symptoms include reactions to foods where there are potentially life-threatening symptoms, or where the patient is deemed to be at high risk of severe reaction; and cases where the cause of the reaction is unclear.

The clinic offers diagnosis and management advice to patients with severe eczema, especially in those cases where the eczema is caused or exacarbated by allergies, and/or where the patient suffers from significant asthma, rhinitis or a food allergy which complicates the management of the eczema.

We offer diagnoses and management advice to patients with asthma of all severities, especially for those patients where the asthma is caused by allergies, and where conventional treatments are not effective.

Multi-system allergic disease.
E.g. asthma, rhinitis, eczema, acute reactions due to food or inhalant allergies, which is moderate or severe and necessitates complex management strategies.

Hay fever, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and rhino-sinusitis
For patients with these conditions, we establish whether the condition is caused by allergies; thereafter, we consider desensitisation immunotherapy for those cases where the patient’s rhinitis, conjunctivitis and rhino-sinusitis symptoms are not controlled by the best available medical treatment.

Drug allergy
We offer initial investigations of drug allergy reactions during general anaesthesia. We also investigate and test patients’ reactions to antibiotics and other drugs in those cases where the patients’ choice of alternative drugs are limited or complex.

Insect venom allergy
The clinic offers investigations and management advice to patients who suffer severe reactions to insect venoms, especially when the reaction significantly affects the patient’s airways, breathing, or circulation. Where appropriate, we offer venomspecific immunotherapy.

Latex allergy
We offer investigations and management advice to patients suffering from latex allergy.

Urticaria and angioedema
We offer investigationsand management advice to pateients withurticaria and angioedema. Urticaria and angiooedema is defined by the presence of swellings and/or hives, occasionally on most days of the week.

Multiple non-specific symptoms
Advice and risk assessment to the patient and the referring doctor; diagnosis when an allergic cause needs to be excluded and management of severe cases.