Dear Patient
We would like to welcome you as a patient in our allergy clinic and give you some essential information about the services.
Prof Custovic holds his allergy clinics 3 times a month on Thursday afternoon. Sometimes there will be some changes or added dates due to holidays or professional engagements. You can find dates for the next 6 months in the section “Booking an appointment”.
To attend a clinic you will need a referral letter from your GP or some other medical professional (i.e. consultant, optometrist, dietitian,) to explain the reasons why you want to be seen by allergist.

Initial consultation
On your first visit to clinic you will be given a form to fill in regarding your personal details.
Please try to give us as many information as you can. If there are any changes to these later on, please inform us as soon as possible so we can update our records.
Initial consultation lasts 50 minutes. During this first visit, Prof Custovic will assess your medical history and symptoms that have prompted you to come. If he finds it necessary, Prof Custovic will perform a skin prick test for different allergens. You will know immediately the results of the test. In some cases further test might be necessary (blood test for example).
We advise that you check with your private health insurer if they would cover the cost of these tests and possibly have a pre-authorization for the treatment. If your insurance would not cover for these tests, ask to have it done in through your GP though some GPs do not want to do so.

Follow up consultation
In most cases Prof Custovic will advise patients to come for a follow up to check on the effectiveness of the treatment or give some further advice following (blood) test results.
They are necessary for the continuity of treatment and should always be attended. If you do not book your follow up appointment within 6 months of the recommended date, it is possible that you will need repeated initial consultation.
If you are advised to come in less than 3 months from your appointment please book the follow up at the reception when leaving.
If the follow up is in more than 3 months and you do not want to book it immediately, we will send you a reminder by post/ email/ telephone/ text message nearer the time.

Cancellations and fees
Booked appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the date without charges.
We reserve the right to charge £50 fee for late cancelations or non-attendance.

After the appointment
A letter regarding your appointment, with all the information and advices you have been given, will be sent to you, usually within 7 working days of the appointment. A copy will also be sent to referring doctors/GPs.
An invoice will be sent within 1 month from the appointment, either to insurance company or directly to patient. If we send them directly to insurance company, patient will receive a copy for their records.
You can get information on current prices for the consultation by contacting us. At this moment we can only accept cheques and BACS payment.